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Jon Henrik Fjällgren was born in 1987 in Cali, Colombia and was given the name Montoya. During the first months of his life he lived in an Indian village until he was taken to an orphanage. From there he was brought to Funäsdalen, Sweden, where he grew up with a family of reindeer herders and he now goes under the name of Jon Henrik Mario Fjällgren.

At 14 years old he gave his first concert in the church in Funäsdalen, with the King and Queen of Sweden in attendance. One thing led to another and when he was only 16 years old he released an album called “Onne vielle”.

Jon Henrik debuted in Melodifestivalen (Melodi Grand Prix) during the spring of 2015 on national TV where he performed “Jag är fri (Manne Liem Frije)” and came in 2nd place.